Visalia Charter Independent Study, CA
Class of 2022
1.  What area(s) do you plan to pursue immediately after high school? (Mark all that apply)
4 Year College
2 Year College
Voc/Tech School
Work Full Time
Work Part Time
2.  Ethnic Origin:
African American
Native American
White / Caucasian
3.  Gender:
Yes                   No                     N/A
4.  Did your VCIS education prepare you with adequate skills to help you make informed career choices?
5.  Do you believe you are adequately prepared to make your transition to college, military, or the workplace?
6.  Were your teachers and Learning Director helpful in selecting courses to meet your needs, interests, and future goals?
7.  Did high school prepare you to deal with the advancing technology in the real world?
8.  Did VCIS offer enough advanced or specialized courses to meet your needs?
9.  Did you have adequate access to information and guidance about your postsecondary choices and plans?
Using the traditional grading style ("A" = Excellent, "B" = Good, "C" = Average, "D" = Below Average, "F" = Needs Improvement, and "N/A" = Not Applicable), please rate the following:
A          B           C          D          F          N/A
10.  After graduation, the likelihood of continuing my education is...
11.  My parents' involvement in my education has been...
12.  VCIS provided you with a strong foundation in writing, research skills, and the use of technology.
13.  How well do you feel you have been prepared to be a flexible, productive, lifelong learner?
14.  My school experience helped me become a positive, contributing member of society.
15.  Rate the effort you made to succeed academically at VCIS.
16.  How well did school prepare you in thinking skills such as creativity, decision making, and problem solving?
17.  How well did VCIS prepare you for the job search process (applications, interviewing, and employer follow-up)?
18. Rate the educational technology skills you developed throughout school.