Heritage High School, GA
Class of 2019
1.  What area(s) do you plan to pursue immediately after high school? (Mark all that apply)
4 Year College
2 Year College
Voc/Tech School
Work Full Time
Work Part Time
2.  Ethnic Origin:
African American
Native American
White / Caucasian
3.  Gender:
Yes                            No
4.  Did you experience an atmosphere of mutual respect at Heritage High School?
5.  Do you feel that you were offered a quality academic education at Heritage High School?
6.  Were teachers and/or counselors helpful in the selection of a path to follow after graduation?
7.  Did your teachers have high expectations for you and help you to succeed in school (even if you fell behind)?
8.  Do you feel you had an opportunity to become involved and succeed in extracurricular activities?
9.  Do you feel you are an effective communicator (one who successfully uses a variety of communication skills)?
Using the traditional grading style ("A" = Excellent, "B" = Good, "C" = Average, "D" = Below Average, and "F" = Needs Improvement), please rate the following:
A           B           C           D           F      
10.  How well do you feel your high school years prepared you for what you'll be doing next year?
11.  Overall, how would you rate Heritage High School as a learning environment?
12.  School made learning interesting by connecting lessons to the real world.
13.  Your teachers generally had high standards and demanded quality work.
14.  How would you evaluate your preparation in the use of computers/ technology?
15.  How well do you feel Heritage High School provided a safe learning environment?
16.  How well did the extracurricular programs at Heritage High School meet your needs?
17.  How well did school prepare you in thinking skills such as creativity, decision making, and problem solving?
18. To what degree were you encouraged to reach for your highest potential?