Ottawa Hills High School, OH
Class of 2022
1.  What area(s) do you plan to pursue immediately after high school? (Mark all that apply)
4 Year College
2 Year College
Voc/Tech School
Work Full Time
Work Part Time
2.  Ethnic Origin:
African American
Native American
White / Caucasian
3.  Gender:
4.  I participated in service/volunteer work during my high school experience.
5.  I was able to be part of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that were meaningful to me.
6.  Teachers generally have had high standards and expectations for quality work from students.
7.  Teachers were generally willing to meet with students outside of class to provide extra academic help.
8.  OHHS has provided me with a good foundation in the use of technology.
9.  I have had access to information and assistance through the guidance program to help with my post secondary choices and plans.
10.  There were adequate and appropriate supports in place to help me succeed academically.
11.  There were adequate and appropriate supports in place to support my social and emotional well-being.
12.  I can identify at least one adult within my academic or extra-curricular experience who I considered to be a mentor, advocate, or support person.
13.  I did enough writing during my time at OHHS to make me feel confident with my writing skills.
14.  I had the opportunity to take part in innovative learning experiences while at OHHS.
15.  The one-to-one laptop program enhanced my educational experience.
16.  I had ample opportunities to develop my leadership skills.